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Dr. Jim Roach is America's Healer. His book on patients’ spiritual near-death experiences, God’s House Calls, was #1 on Amazon in 4 categories. His new book, Vital Strategies in Cancer, gives groundbreaking insight on how to offer cancer care and outcomes at a level above what conventional oncology can achieve alone.  As described by multi #1 NY Times bestselling author Mark Hyman MD, "Dr. Roach leads you step-by-step up an all-embracing, spiritual pathway to healing. From start to finish, he guides you through this important book on your journey to an enlightened understanding of cancer." 


Jack Canfield, multi #1 NY Times bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, said to Dr. Roach, “You have this amazing amount of knowledge… you are one of the most encyclopedic minds I have ever met.” See Jack’s interview of Dr. Roach about Vital Strategies in Cancer here


The top integrative oncologist for the last four decades, Dwight McKee MD, calls the book “…the most important, practical, and comprehensive (indeed, encyclopedic) book to appear in the integrative cancer area that I have ever seen.” Donnie Yance, the top cancer botanical medicine expert in America, describes it as “an invaluable contribution.” Many other leading endorsers in the field of integrative medicine include Bob Anderson MD, Danny Friedland MD and Scott Shannon MD.


With one of the most comprehensive understandings of integrative cancer strategies in the world, Jim is a published researcher, national speaker and experienced practitioner with a national clientele. Recently, one of his cancer webinars drew 1000 registrants.


As one of the world's leading integrative medicine experts and #1 Amazon best-selling author in holistic medicine, Jim is also a national speaker and consultant, international medical educator, national media communicator, researcher and widely sought clinician with patients across the country. He has been interviewed 100+ times for national and international radio/TV programs. 


Specializing in nutritional, botanical, functional, spiritual, integrative, genetic, and holistic medicine, Jim hosts, and is chief presenter, for a nationally attended practitioner integrative holistic conference and integrative cancer conference. 


Jim is double-boarded in integrative medicine (ABOIM, ABIHM) and has presented on integrative cancer strategies in Connecticut, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Michigan, Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, Tampa, Naples, Miami, Palm Beach and Lexington, KY. Jim’s other speaking venues include Boston, Chicago, Louisville, Mayo Clinic (Minnesota), Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Columbus.  


Institute of Functional Medicine

2020: All modules will be completed as of July 2020


American Board of Integrative Medicine 2017-2025


American Board of Holistic Medicine Certification 2005, Recertification 2012, Permanent 2018


American Board Family Practice Certification 1981, Recertification

1987, 1994, 2001, 2008-15


Tallahassee Memorial Regional Medical Center

Family Practice Residency

University of Kentucky College of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine

Duke University

Bachelor of Arts

Biography Anchor

"Over the past decade in Kentucky, our comprehensive health care results are unparalleled."


–Dr. Jim Roach

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