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Brilliance is full of surprises!
 The most unique book you will ever read!  

It will make you think like you have never thought before!   It is the guiding star for a peaceful, buoyant, master mind, and spiritual brilliance.
It offers a glistening, fantastic view of your soul, the Universe and the Divine.

Brilliance is a book that truly lives up to its name. It is truly a brilliant book, produced by a brilliant and encyclopedic mind… (he is) one of the finest physicians in the world, in the arenas of Integrative Medicine, holistic healing and in the true integration of spirituality and healing…. This is the most amazing and comprehensive book I have ever read… Dr. Roach’s brilliant book will open many eyes and hearts.”

–Dwight McKee, MD, CNS, ABIHM

Diplomate of the American Board of Medical Oncology, author of Cancer After Care: The Definitive Self-Guide to Getting and Staying Well for Patients after Cancer

“Brilliance is truly a diamond one wanders upon only rarely and gives thanks for having been so blessed… (It) is an engaging and amazing book. I couldn’t put it down.”

–Robert Zieve, MD

Top integrative cancer expert, author, speaker, and radio show host

“The highest honor any physician can give another physician is to refer a family member for care. Jim Roach has reached that bar with me. He has encyclopedic knowledge and a big heart. This book offers wisdom… and provides a valuable guide.”

–Scott Shannon, MD

Leading American authority on holistic, integrative, and psychedelic mental health

“This book is medical enlightenment, a poem filled with hope, and a wholehearted prayer.”

–Sharon A. Hersh, MA, LPC

Author of the critically acclaimed The Last Addiction: Why Self-Help is Not Enough

“If you’re looking for a quick-fix cure that will make your life better—one magic food, one magic medicine, one magic motivational approach—it isn’t in this book (or, in truth, anywhere else). But if you want a powerful, holistic narrative—compelling life story, deep medical knowledge, spiritual affirmation, life-tested philosophy—read Brilliance. It’s all there and page turner to boot.” 

–Mike Norris

Author of Appalachian Melodies, Ring Around the Moon, Rhymes from the Mountains, and other books



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Vital Strategies in Cancer

Hope, healing and happiness in the face of cancer.




In Vital Strategies in Cancer, Dr. Roach provides the most comprehensive, practical information on cancer yet available. It has led to the exciting clinical success stories shared in this book. His patients spiritual near-death experiences guide Dr. Roach in vital aspects of navigating cancer. For both practitioners and patients, this book is a must-read.


“Dr. Roach leads you step-by-step up an all-embracing, spiritual pathway to healing. From start to finish he guides you through this important book on your journey to an enlightened understanding of cancer.”

–Mark Hyman, MD

Director of Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and #1 New York Times

bestselling author of Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?


“Dr. Roach’s book makes an invaluable contribution to providing insightful words of wisdom, clinical pearls, concrete, sensible information, and sound guidelines.

...From beyond surviving to thriving, in spite of cancer...” 

–Donnie Yance

American Herbalists Guild botanical medicine expert and author of

Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism and Herbal Medicine, Healing and Cancer


“I consider this book a must-read for cancer patients and their families.

Highly recommended!”

–Jonathan Stegall, MD

Integrative oncologist and author of Cancer Secrets


“[Vital Strategies in Cancer] is wonderful. I can’t put it down…the most important cancer book I have ever read… a guiding light for us all... 
a testimony to the human spirit.”


–Robert Zieve, MD

Leading cancer integrative medicine physician

“…Vital Strategies in Cancer…seamlessly blends hard science, engaging personal stories, and the spiritual side of healing together in one, extremely readable book. I highly recommend it to physicians and patients alike. In other words, to everyone!”

–Julia Schopick

Co-author of Honest Medicine and The Power of Honest Medicine

“Dr. Jim Roach’s book offers evidence-based strategies, hope and healing inspired by the compassionate words of wisdom shared by a leading light in the world of integrative holistic cancer care. It is a must read for all seeking empowerment and transformation through the cancer journey.”

–Daniel Friedland, MD

Past chair for the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine and author of Leading Well from Within




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Finding God Through

My Patients

God's House Calls

A very spiritual woman, nevertheless Regina was severely depressed and had been in bed for weeks. One morning it was dark in her house with the shutters closed. In bed she laid in a fetal position. Then Regina heard a strong male voice, “GET UP AND FIGHT.” She got up to see who it was but there was no one in the house or outside. Emboldened, Regina reignited her life and recovered.

Years later her husband had left one night for work. On the way to work he had a powerful intuition that something terrible was getting ready to happen. She had been watching the American movie classics on TV with six candles burning in a shoebox in the bathroom. Regina then fell asleep. She felt a poke on the forehead and a voice yelled, WAKE UP, WAKE UP but no one was there.  Immediately it was apparent that a fire extended from the bathroom. She woke up her daughter, and called her husband to come home. After he arrived he was able to rush through the flames, turn the water on in the bathroom and managed through splashing water to put the fire out. Meanwhile their daughter had fallen back asleep. They ran up to check on her and they found her in a semi-coma with black soot around her mouth where she had been breathing smoke. She fully recovered.

In God’s House Calls, Dr. Roach shares patient stories that reflect creativeness from another dimension, stories that by themselves, or from unsavory characters, would be unbelievable. But these stories, from those you would want as your best friend, are incredibly moving. Together, they proclaim a fantastic message – and beg the question: Are we listening?


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